IBM 1620 Restoration Project

IBM 1620 Simulator Applet (v1.0.1a)

Viewing requirements: Browser supporting version 1.1 Java Virtual Machine,
e.g. Netscape v4+ (except on Mac), MSIE v4+, Sun AppletViewer or HotJava browser

To Run Diagnostics: Throw main Power switch on console panel; wait for Power Ready lamp
(CU01 program is loaded); Press the Start key to begin execution of the 1620 Diagnostics Program.

Known problems: intensive graphics/image processing results in significant memory leaks;
runtime errors (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError) may occur on all platforms [Bug #4014323]
Workaround: increase memory allocations for browser or appletviewer application.

Bug Reports: Send info about any problems experienced (please mention your
browser version, OS platform, hardware, Java console error messages, etc)
to Richard Jowsey.

Select a console screen width (pixels):
600   800   1000   1500   2000   [140k]

Java source code (zipped)   [75k]

The Mad Hacker